MyBB GoMobile - Wersja mobilna 1.0.0 Beta 4

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MyBB GoMobile - Wersja mobilna 1.0.0 Beta 4
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DEMO: (najlepiej testować z telefonu)  link
Link może nie działać i przekierować nas spowrotem na wtedy należy wejść na forum i na samym dole kliknąć Wersja Mobilna:)
MyBB GoMobile is a free plugin & theme combo designed to automatically direct mobile users to a theme more suitable for mobile devices. The plugin redirects users based on their User Agent string, thus we cannot guarantee every device will be redirected automatically. In the event that you discover such a device, please report it on our forums and we will do our best to fix the issue for the next release.

Some of GoMobile's features include:

   * Automatic switching to the mobile theme when a mobile device is detected;
   * Ability to temporarily or permanently disable the mobile theme;
   * Mobile theme formatted to allow for easy usage when viewing from smaller screens;
   * Better-scaled text to make clicking links and such easier from your device;
   * Simple theme allows for easy adjustments where necessary;
   * GoMobile includes it's own language file so translating and multi-language support is a breeze (currently there are no language packs available besides English, the default);
   * And many more unlisted features designed to make your mobile browsing experience an awesome one!

Some plugins aren't 100% compatible with GoMobile - this is a known issue and over time we will implement methods to deal with this. If a plugin is forcing GoMobile to not work properly, it is recommended that you disable that plugin at this stage rather than trying to work around it. GoMobile has not been tested extensively on larger forums, so it would be greatly appreciated if anyone with a large forum could provide us with some feedback on performance and such.

Lastly, all feedback can be posted on our forums (see link in header) as well as support and questions. Thanks for checking out GoMobile and we hope you enjoy using our product!
Ściągnij spolszczenie:

.php   gomobile.lang.php (Rozmiar: 6,54 KB / Pobrań: 1 536)
Spolszczenie kopiujemy do inc/languages/polish/ albo
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Wtyczka wykrywa również z jakiego telefonu piszemy i odznacza to w


Instalujemy normalnie tak jak każdą wtyczkę:)
na dole strony będzie widnieć napis wersja mobilna:)
Wersja mobilną można testować z linku
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